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Support forum

The Mailtraq Support Forum is a mailing list where Mailtraq Users and Administrators provide peer support and assist in problem solving. New users are encouraged to join if they are experiencing any problems, as you are likely to encounter someone who has been through the problem before.

To join the group, simply write to with the line

subscribe mailtraq-support

in the message body. In the return post you will also receive information on the support archive.

Please make sure your email client is set to Plain Text before writing to the list.

The mailing list requires plain text emails to ensure minimum bandwidth usage and ease of transmission. Messages go out to LOTS of users all over the world, some of whom have to pay to collect the messages.

Please note: The Mailtraq Support Forum is operated independently of Mailtraq, by Mailtraq users. Whilst Mailtraq technicians do subscribe and monitor the forum, it is not a substitute for a commercial support contract with your reseller.

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