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KB00060101 Using Multi-Homed Services

Mailtraq allows you to assign each service to a specific IP address. This allows your server to be multi-homed, running a different configuration depending on the IP address your client connects to (if you have more than one Network Interface card).

For example, if you have a network card identified as and another as then you can run the SMTP Mail server on both, but with different configurations. You might only allow relaying for the service. It is more common to multi-home the web services, giving completely different web sites depending on which IP address (and thus which domain name) the client requests.


In Mailtraq, each service can be assigned to a specific port. For example, web servers are usually run on port 80. In the service configuration dialogue, Mailtraq allows you to specify this port. You can now prefix this with the IP address, as in this example :-

This format can be used in any of Mailtraq's services.

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