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KB02052101 Mailtraq behaves unpredicatably if anti-virus software is incorrectly installed

There are two areas where anti-virus software can conflict with Mailtraq

  1. Mailtraq makes extensive use of the file system whilst in operation. Anti-virus software which monitors disk activity can cause problems for Mailtraq if it removes or delays access to files which Mailtraq expects. Even if this doesn't make Mailtraq stop, Mailtraq won't know the message was not routed, so will not be able to notify the administrator.
  2. Mailtraq needs to listen on TCP/IP sockets to receive mail and allow clients to collect mail. As only one program can normally listen on a given port, anti-virus software which takes over a port will prevent Mailtraq from providing a service on that port. Even with clever use of multi-homing techniques, or use of unusual ports, Mailtraq will not know the true identity of the machines it is communicating with, so will risk being an open relay.

The solution in both cases is to remove the anti-virus software. This may seem a drastic action which would place your network at risk, but this is unlikely as long as you are following best practice and not using the server Mailtraq is installed on as a workstation

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