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KB00032801 Using Norton Anti Virus with Mailtraq

Norton Anti Virus 2000 is a low-priced virus detection product, intended for the single user. However, it is possible to have NAV2000 protect an entire Mailtraq network if you collect all your mail via basic POP3 from your service provider.

This is an important limitation, as NAV2000 cannot be configured to work on the same machine as Mailtraq if both are to provide POP3.

You will currently be collecting mail using the POP3 Collection service in Mailtraq. This service will be connecting directly to your service provider, retrieving the messages stored there, and then routing them to your users (by header analysis). Mail will then be held in local user mailboxes for collectiong using the Mailtraq POP3 server.

In order to ensure that all mail goes through NAV2000, follow these steps:-

  1. Change Mailtraq's POP3 service from listening on port 110 to port 8110. (Don't forget to shutdown and restart the POP3 server for this change to take effect.)
  2. Install NAV2000 on the same machine as Mailtraq. When configuring the EMail checking part of NAV2000, only select the "Manual Configuration" option -- do not have it modify any mail client settings.
  3. Modify Mailtraq's POP3 collection settings as follows: add the server's name to the end of your username (separated with a forward slash). For example, if the username is mycompany and the server name is, then the username becomes mycompany/ You will then need to change the server name to
  4. Next you will need to change each mail client on your user's workstations to connect to port 8110 instead of port 110. This is under the POP3 section of the mail client's settings, usually in an Advanced settings area.

The illustration above shows how Mailtraq interacts with NAV2000 to scan all incoming e-mail for viruses.

This configuration works on any type of Internet connection, since NAV2000 uses whatever connection Mailtraq manages. The downside to this configuration is that each mail client must be modified to check for mail through an unusual port, and that it can only be used where Mailtraq collects mail through POP3. This configuration will not work where Mailtraq receives mail from your ISP through SMTP.

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