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KB01120811 Hiding From field in Archives

To send messages to the archive for storage, do the following ...

| From: "Archive Description"
| To: "Archive Description"
| Sender:

... where the sender is an authorised archive admin.

If you leave the settings on the Format tab of the archive at default, Mailtraq overwrites that Sender header when it distributes copies from the archive so nobody else sees it.

| From: "Archive Description"
| To: requester@remote.domain
| Sender:

Your name then doesn't even appear in the archive index (via archive_index.tpl) so no clues are given.

You can avoid gross abuse of the archive by the simple expedient of renaming all the entries as you add them. Doing that prevents others from requesting the entire archive in one go using an index number range. The command "send archive 1-1000" could have disastrous consequences for your bandwith if they're binaries.

To rename the archive entries (from 1,2,3, etc), ensure that the "Filename" column appears first in the list view of the archive and left click twice slowly on the existing filename to change it to an edit field. Enter the new name (which must be unique, of course) and press Enter to save it. If you prefer, you can shut down Mailtraq and perform the renaming on the archive's idx file directly - it's quicker if a little more risky for those who are unsure of what they're doing.

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