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KB02012807 Outlook XP

  1. Click on Tools | E-mail Accounts...
  2. Select Add a new e-mail account
  3. Click Next
  4. Select POP3
    (If you are using Mailtraq Professional you could select IMAP)
  5. Click Next
  6. Fill in this form, and in particular :-
    • Enter your server's IP Address (the machine running Mailtraq) in Incoming mail server (POP3) and Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
    • Enter your Mailtraq Username in User Name
    • Enter your Mailtraq Password in Password
  7. Click on Test Account Settings... to verify that you have entered the correct information.
    (If you receive the error Unable to logon to the incoming mail server (POP3)... then either your Mailtraq Username or Password is incorrect. Remember that these should be the same as the user name and password configured in the Users section in Mailtraq -- do not use the actual mailbox name)

  8. Click Next
  9. Click Finish to create the account

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