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KB01032801 Using Mailtraq with DSL or ADSL

Mailtraq does support DSL and ADSL.

However there are a number of issues that users need to be aware of when upgrading to A/DSL:

  • Most service providers issue dynamic IP addresses to A/DSL customers

    This means you cannot effectively host services with Mailtraq that are visible outside your local network. Because the IP addresses change from time to time (or could potentially change) other machines on the Internet cannot reliably connect to you.

  • Many service providers do not allow you to run servers

    Some service providers will offer two levels of service, and the cheaper level is normally a home or personal service. In order to prevent such services being abused the provider will not allow access to well known ports such as Web (HTTP port 80) and mail (SMTP port 25).

  • Many service providers use a hidden NAT system

    It may be more cost effective for a service provider to have fewer IP addresses that active customers. The IP addresses can be shared amongst customers by grouping them into NAT addresses, where a number of users share the same IP address. NAT (Network Address Translation or IP Masquerading) differenciates between users by the port number rather than the IP address, and transparently modifies the port in IP packets.

    This works reasonably well for the A/DSL customer who wants to connect to Internet services, but it is impossible for the remote Internet service to connect to the A/DSL customer (in the other direction). Web browsing, POP3 mail collection and News reading will work well enough (from the A/DSL customer's point of view). However, inbound SMTP, ETRN and many complex protocols that require an inbound connection will simply not work. You also cannot host any services because they will require inbound connections.

What do I need to configure in Mailtraq?

In Options|Server... select Permanent Connection in the Online tab as your connection is active 24 hours a day.


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