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KB00022605 Using the Web Administrator

The Web Administrator allows many of Mailtraq's to be configured through a Web interface (using a Web Browser). The Web Administrator also allows users to read mail in their mailboxes, and to browse news groups.

The quick approach to configuring the Web Administrator

  1. Go to Options -> Services
  2. Click on Add and select HyperText Transport Service
  3. In the TCP/IP Port to Listen on, enter 8282
  4. Enable the Web Administration option
  5. Disable the Provide HTTP Proxy Services and WWW Server options
  6. Click on OK
  7. Close the Service Manager dialogue
  8. Go to Tools -> Start Service and select the HTTP - Web Server/Proxy (8282)

You can now use the Web Administrator with a Web Browser. You simply need to know the Local Network IP address of the machine running Mailtraq (don't confuse this with the Internet IP address assigned by your InternetService Provider).

For example, browse to (assuming your IP address is If you have a different IP address, or have selected a different Port, just use the format http://address:port.

Don't forget that when you log on with the Web Administrator, you will need to use the Username and Password configured in the Options -> Users section of Mailtraq.


  • Are you using the Mailtraq Web Proxy?
    Ensure that web proxy is bypassed for your local network

  • Want to combine the Mailtraq Web Proxy and Web Administrator?

    1. Ensure that the machine name (e.g. you are using in your URL appears in your Domain Aliases (Options | Server...)
    2. Browse to$ (assuming that you are running the service on 8080)

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