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KB00022608 Getting Started with Mailing Lists

Mailtraq's Mailing Lists are a powerful and versatile feature, and with little work they can improve your company's appearance and customer services. This guide takes you through the process of configuring a variety of mailing list types.

Workload Sharing

When the volume of e-mail being sent to your sales or support department is too much for one person to handle, how do you share it out? Simple -- let Mailtraq distribute the workload between a number of staff.

Here's how to do it...

  1. Create a new Mailing List by going to File -> New -> Mailing List
  2. Set the List Name to "sales"
  3. Set the Description to "Sales Group"
  4. Check Distribute evenly between subscribers
  5. Click on the Subscribers tab

For each member of your sales team repeat the next steps

  1. Click on New
  2. Enter their Full Name and their E-Mail Address and Send-To Address (their mailbox name will do for both of these)
  3. Check the flag Receives Messages
  4. Click on OK

Now any messages sent to will be distributed to each member of the group in turn.

Sending Announcements to your Customers

You can use an announcements mailing list to tell your existing customers that you have a new product or service, or inform them about some news they may be interested in. A particularly useful feature is that customers can add themselves to the mailing list.

Firstly, to create the mailing list..

  1. Create a new Mailing List by going to File -> New -> Mailing List
  2. Set the List Name to "announcements"
  3. Set the Description to "Announcements List"
  4. Click on the Access tab
  5. Check Enable Subscription by Mail
  6. Check Moderated by and select a mailbox to receive messages from by customers
  7. Click on Guest Properties
  8. Clear the Posts Messages flag and check the Moderated flag
  9. Click on OK
  10. Click on New Subscriber Properties
  11. Clear the Posts Messages flag and check the Moderated flag
  12. Click on OK
  13. Click on the Subscribers Tab
  14. Click on New
  15. Enter the name and e-mail address of the person in your company who will be posting messages to the Announcements Mailing List
  16. Check the Posts Messages flag
  17. Click on OK

The mailing list is now ready to use. To add a customer to the list manually, send a message to with the line

subscribe announcements

(replacing the e-mail address with theirs). Customers can add themselves to the list through a variety of methods. The simplest is to write to with the subject line reading only "subscribe".

If you company has a web site, you can include a button to do this by creating a form with the action

Publishing a Price List

Price lists can be an invaluable tool, particularly for retail companies. Essentially, the price list could be any document which customers may wish to obtain.

For this example, we won't actually use a mailing list (although it could be done with one), but instead an ordinary mailbox with an auto-responder.

  1. Create a new Mailbox by going to File -> New -> Mailbox
  2. Set the Mailbox Name to "prices"
  3. Click on the Mail tab
  4. Check Automatically Respond to Mail
  5. Click on Edit Reply
  6. Clear the document and copy your price list into the clipboard, then paste it here and close the window. (Do not save under a different filename.)
  7. Click on the Message Expiry tab and set the expiry to 7 days
  8. Click on OK

Now every message that is sent to will automatically be replied to with the price list (which you can change by repeating step 5). The messages sent to will be stored in the mailbox, which is why the Message Expiry function was enabled, thus clearing them after seven days.

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