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KB01120805 Error: 'Out of bufferspace' using Mailtraq Proxy

What does the error message "Out of bufferspace" mean from Mailtraq when using a web browser?

Windows 95

To eliminate the '10055 socket' errors, add the following to your registry ...


Create a new DWORD value named MaxConnections, unless it already exists (which is unlikely), and enter a value of significantly more than 100 (hex 64 which is the os default). Try 256.

After making this change it is necessary to restart windows

Windows 98/ME

As above, but MaxConnections should be a String value instead of a DWORD. The Operating System default is 100.

Windows NT/2000/XP

This error should not occur on these operating systems.

The above procedure is unnecessary in Windows NT/2000/XP because the maximum number of sockets (up to 12,800 in WinNT and up to 25,600 in Win2000) are limited only by the amount of available ram.

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