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KB00030601 Why is all my outbound mail stuck in the outbox?

Messages in the outbox are awaiting delivery by Mailtraq. There are many reasons why they may be delayed:

  1. Mailtraq cannot connect to the destination machine (e.g. the smart host)
  2. The destination machine has returned a temporary error
  3. Mailtraq has not Gone Online since the messages arrived in the outbox
Cases (1) and (2) can be tested by examining the Event Log. Always refer to the Event Log to see what actions have taken place, and what the results were.

Case (3) is the most common and is easily overlooked (particularly by new users). Make sure that Mailtraq knows how to Get Connected. If you want to leave the management of your Internet connection to another system (such as a router), then select Direct/Permanent Connection in the Online tab in Options | Server.... If you wish to limit the amount of online activity (particularly useful if you pay for online time) then use Virtual Network as Mailtraq will then only consider itself connected at scheduled times. (For example, if you schedule a connection every hour, then Mailtraq will only fetch and deliver mail at those times.)

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