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KB03021801 Infomation for anti-virus vendors applying for integration assistance

Anti-virus / anti-spam vendors who are interested in applying for official compatibility accreditation and plug-in development assistance should note the following requirements before contacting Mailtraq Development.

The anti-virus /anti-spam software must be configurable to work unattended

Mailtraq normally operates in a server environment. This means that anti-virus / anti-spam software which requires user interaction in order to operate continuously will not be appropriate.

  • If it finds a virus / spam it must not require the user to interact at the console.
  • If it needs to update itself it must not require the user to interact at the console, and must not require the server to be rebooted.
  • It must be able to operate as a service, with no user logged in.

The anti-virus / anti-spam software should only operate as instructed by Mailtraq

Anti-virus / anti-spam software which takes action outside of Mailtraq's control will cause system instability, and is therefore inappropriate.

  • The anti-virus / anti-spam software must be configurable to NOT actively scan file I/O
  • The anti-virus / anti-spam software must be configurable to NOT perform scheduled disk scans
  • The anti-virus / anti-spam software must be configurable to NOT intercept or modify IP traffic on any port.

The anti-virus / anti-spam software must be addressable via a programming API to process a request to scan a given folder and return the status of the files therein (ie for each file, that it is clean, or if not, the name of the virus found). The files themselves should not be changed.

Server burden

For efficiency reasons the anti-virus / anti-spam software must not place a large burden on the server - either in terms of RAM or CPU usage.

If your product meets all these criteria

Contact Mailtraq Development with:

  • The API specification.
  • A free-issue fully licensed copy of the software.
  • Instructions on installing and configuring the anti-virus / anti-spam software to act as detailed above.

We will then evaluate the software, and discuss compatibility accreditation with you. Accreditation is not guaranteed.

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