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KB03030601 'Mailtraq won't work' - most frequent support queries

If you are struggling to get Mailtraq working, check the questions and answers below. These cover 60% of the installation support calls we receive, so the chances are this will get you running.


1 - Mailtraq will not receive mail from the Internet:

A: Make sure your Domain Name is set correctly in the properties of Options | Server.
Your domain name is the part after the @ symbol in your organisation's email address.

2: - Mailtraq will not send mail out to the Internet. It just sits in the Outbox.

A1: In Options | Outgoing Mail | Remote Mailserver tab, use the middle option: Use MX resolution using the DNS servers below.

A2: How does Mailtraq think it is connected to the Internet?  Make sure it is set correctly: Options | Server | Online

3: - I cannot send mail from my email client to Mailtraq.

A: Make sure that you have entered the IP addresses of your Local Area Network correctly at the Options | Server | LAN tab.
You specify a range of IP addresses with an asterisk.
For example, the entry 192.168.0.* covers to 

If the above did not answer your question, see the Help menu in the program itself. This has been written from a user's perspective (not by programmers).

Further free support is available in the Knowledgebase.

Other support options are outlined here.

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