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KB03031401 Setting up a multi-domain WebMail system

This describes how to set up Mailtraq to provide Webmail services on different domains, within the same user namespace.

Install Mailtraq as normal, and ensure it can receive and send emails for your domains using a standard email client program.

For multiple domains you will need to ensure all the domains are listed in Options | Server | Server tab.

Mailtraq is designed to provide a single webmail service, assigned to just one of your domains. To extend this to work with multiple domains you need to duplicate the webmail system as many times as you need, and make some additions to the Windows Registry.

Before making these changes ensure Mailtraq is shutdown.

First we need to duplicate the webmail files:

Find the folder:
   C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\Webmail\
and copy it to:
   C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\Webmail-mydomain\
   C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\Webmail-myotherdomain\


You can customise the files, graphics etc in each of the folders to personalise the individual Webmail services.

Open the Windows Registry using Regedit, and find the key

This contains two string values:
   Path=C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\Webmail\

You need to duplicate the Webmail key for each of your new webmail instances, giving each one a unique Description, and with the Path pointing to different webmail folders.

Now restart Mailtraq.

There are a number of ways you can configure Mailtraq to receive web requests for the webmail service.

In this example, we will assume the requests are arriving on different ports, so:
  webmail-mydomain is arriving on port 8001
  webmail-myotherdomain is arriving on port 8002

If you have a firewall, remember to open your firewall to allow incoming TCP requests on these ports.

In Options | Services, add a 'HTTP Web Service' for each webmail, each one configured to listen on a different port as described above.
When prompted, allow each service to start.

In Options | Website, add a website for each webmail. For each one configure as follows:

General tab:
  [x] Listen on these services,
and check one of the entries listed below   (a different entry for each webmail)

Application tab
  [x] An Installable Web application,
and select from the dropdown one of the webmail names (these names are taken from the Descriptions you entered in the Registry)

All other settings can be left at their defaults.

Once configured the webmail websites are initially in the 'Stopped' state, so click 'Start' against each one to get them operating.

To use the webmail system set up you DNS with an A-Record to point to your machine's public facing IP address. For example, if the A-Record 'webmail' is used with the domain '', then users can browse to your webmail by going to:

...where 8001 is the port we specified earlier for that particular webmail service. Whilst the '8001' is relatively
unusual for users to type in, this is normally not a problem as you can put a link to this on you normal website, which people can simply click on.

We now need to set each webmail to operate on a different domain. This is one of the settings found within the webmail interface itself, on the admin page.

To get access to this we need to create a user within the Mailtraq console, and give that user permission to use the Webmail interface and Web Administrator privileges:

In the User properties,
   Privileges tab,
     check all the entries under Web Administration
   Mail tab,
     check 'Enable WebMail Login for this user'

You can now browse to the webmail services, and for each one, log in, and change the WebMail Domain setting in the Admin page to match the domain you want.

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