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KB03031402 Configuring web proxy content barring

The content barring white lists and black lists use Mailtraq's "Wildcard List", an algorithm that appears throughout the system.  In this particular case, the URL (excluding protocol) is the comparator.

Wildcard Lists are processed in order.  If any of the items match, the result is positive.  Each line (item) may be prefixed with a tilde (~) which negates the test.  Items may also be prefixed (after the optional tilde) with

=~ for Regular Expressions, and
=^ for Wildmat Expressions.

Thus a blacklist of :-**

Would blacklist, but not

It would blacklist but not or

If  the proxy usually transmits part of the page (e.g. the header) before the content is blocked, upgrade to build (or a more recent build).

So, to ban everything EXCEPT a given url you need to do this:

First set up the Barrier. The Barring controls are found here:

Options | Incoming Mail | Barring | Content Barring Barriers | Setup Content Barriers

at the Barriers tab, select ADD

at the Content Barriers Dialog select URLs
[x] Enable Blacklist/Whitelist

Edit the blacklist.txt file (which is blank to start with).

(For example,  this content


would ban proxy access to all sites, except Google and Enstar)

Then OK, back to the Console.

Then: set the proxy to use the Blacklist settings

Options | Services | HTTP-PROXY - Properties

At Properties, check the box,
[x] Internet Barring
then, OK back to the Console.

The settings will become effective next time Mailtraq is started, so you may wish to shutdown and restart Mailtraq at this time.

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