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KB03041101 Backing up your Mailtraq installation

It is important to have a regular back-up routine for the Mailtraq mail server. If you have a hardware failure or disc corruption, then having a recent backup makes it very easy to be quickly online again.

Back up the Configuration.

Mailtraq provides a Configuration back-up/restore utility from within the Console which will take a backup of the system/user/mailslot/routing settings.

This utility is found in the Tools menu.

Back-up Database using XCOPY

A simple batch file containing this routine - run as a scheduled task - will copy the Mailtraq the database to another drive on your network. This is easy to implement, but does not take into account that Mailtraq needs exclusive access to its Database.

You would set this to run at a known quiet time on the network.

In this example,

xcopy "C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database" G:\Data\mtqbackup /E/C/D/F/H/R/K/Y/Z

The Mailtraq database folder is copied to a folder previously created on
network drive G, called Data\mtqbackup with these switches set.

/E includes empty directories and subdirectories
/C - Continues copying even if errors occur
/D - Copies only source files that are newer than the time of existing destination files. This option allows you to update only files that have changed.
/F - Displays full source and destination file names while copying
/H - Copies hidden and system files also
/R - Overwrites read-only files
/K - Copies attributes.
/Y - Overwrites existing files without prompting
/Z - Copies networked files in restartable mode

Back-up Database using Mailtraq Script

An authoritative user has created an easy to install script which can be run at anytime, automatically from within Mailtraq and avoids any potential conflicts with exclusive Database and Log file access.

You will find this simple utility with instructions for use on his website:

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