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Software activation

When you purchase Mailtraq you are immediately given a temporary license, which works for 30 days.

When we have received your payment we provide you with a permanent license. For fraud-prevention reasons this is a manual process, which normally happens within one working day of receiving your payment.

We do not email license keys.

There are three methods of obtaining your permanent license.


Almost all installations receive their permanent license automatically.

If you have a temporary installation, your software will attempt to contact our licensing servers each day to download a permanent license if it is available. If it is, the license is installed and your Mailtraq installation becomes permanant automatically - you don't need to do anything.


Sometimes firewalls or service settings can prevent an automatic license update. In this case you can often make it work by stopping Mailtraq running as a Windows Service, and start it running as a Program. Then, when it has updated, you can run it as a Service again.

Stop Mailtraq running as a service, either via the Windows Control Panel, or at a command prompt by typing:
  net stop mailtraqserver

Start Mailtraq via Start | Programs | Mailtraq (ie so it runs as a 'program' and not as a Windows 'service'

Go online.

Check the Help | About Mailtraq dialog box, which should now show a permanent license.


In very rare instances the methods detailed above do not work, and you will need to download the software again.

Login to
and browse to the Installation page, where you can download a pre-authorised copy of the program. (Do not attempt to start a new purchase procedure, use the existing Installation shown)

At your Installation's 'Downloads' page, take the first option: New Installation, and save the mailtraq.msi to disk without changing its name.

Shut down your Mailtraq.

Back up the Database folder (take a copy and put it somewhere safe - just in case).

Uninstall Mailtraq from the Windows Control Panel. Mailtraq will leave behind the Database folder.

Run the mailtraq.msi you downloaded. It will install and find the Database folder, and all your settings.

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