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Support from Enstar

Mailtraq is distributed by Enstar, and sold direct via the website, and via local resellers.

If you purchased Mailtraq from a reseller you should contact them for support; you cannot obtain support from Enstar.

If you purchased Mailtraq online (not via a reseller) you may be able to obtain support from Enstar, subject to the conditions below:

You must have current upgrade protection.

You will have received 12 months upgrade protection included with your purchase, which can be extended annually thereafter for a further fee. (Click here for more details about Upgrade Protection)

You should have the Professional or Professional with Proxy edition.

We do offer support for the Essential editions, but priority will be given to users of the Professional editions. Essential edition users should use the free peer support options for the fastest response.

If you qualify for support from Enstar, it may be free or chargeable:

Free support

Free support is provided via email for:

Installation and setup issues, within 30 days of purchase.

Mailtraq Professional 2.6 and above with 100-user license or greater.

Pay-per-incident support

Chargeable support is provided via email for all other issues.

To contact Enstar for support click Help | About Mailtraq in your Mailtraq Console, and click on the link the Technical Support box.

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