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Purchase procedures

We provide you with immediate access to downloads and upgrades - they will work straightaway
- but you will see that your license will only be 'Temporary'. 

If you do not pay for your purchase your Mailtraq Installation will stop working, so please make your payment in a timely manner.

You can see how to check your license status at Help | About Mailtraq - like this

How to pay for your Mailtraq purchase

Step 1 - Getting your Invoice

Your invoice is available from your account at

You log into your account with the email address you registered with originally.
If you have received an email payment request it is the email address in the statement.

If you created a personal password for your account you may use that or you may use the Installation Id of one of your Mailtraq purchases.

The Installation Id can be found at
Help | About Mailtraq - like this

When you enter your account click the [Make Payment] button in the left menu.

The next page will show you a 'statement' of what you owe.

Click the 'Pay now' link to get your invoice, and make your payment.

Step 2 - Making your Payment

If you need an Invoice please print the invoice page before making your payment.

Paying Online

Credit Card

Use the 'Click here to Pay Online' link to pay securely online using MasterCard or Visa (we do not accept AmEx or Corporate AmEx).

Debit Card

You may pay by Debit Card through the PayPal system.
Simply use the PayPal link at final checkout.


You may pay by PayPal from the PayPal link at final checkout.
You may use personal AmEx through the PayPal system.
You do not have to have a PayPal account - we have the PayPal account.

Paying by Check

You may pay by check: Simply print out the invoice page and mail it together with your check made out to Enstar LLC: full details are provided on the invoice.

Checks must be in US Dollars and drawn on a bank in the USA.

Paying by Bank Transfer

If you are outside the USA, payment may be made by Bank Transfer or SWIFT payment - please email to request an invoice and banking details. There is a $15.00 charge for this payment method.

Refreshing your License

Once we have received your payment our Accounts department 'authorize' your license. This normally happens the same business day. Your Mailtraq will automatically update its license - you don't need to do anything.

You can ask Mailtraq to check if your payment has been processed by clicking the [Refresh] button can be found at Help | About Mailtraq - see here





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