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Support options

Your first source of technical assistance is the help file included with the program. This contains not only information about the individual dialogs and settings, but also general information of benefit to anyone setting up an email system.

Getting Started?
Quick answers to the most frequent initial configuration problems Click here...

If the solution to your problem isn't in the help file, the following sources of free assistance are also available:

  • There is a support Knowledgebase on this website, containing the latest information on configuring Mailtraq.
  • You are invited to join the Mailtraq Support Forum, a free email-based discussion forum where Mailtraq users can discuss the product and support each other.

Support contracts & pay-per-incident support

  • Your reseller will normally provide a range of chargeable support options. Free support normally excludes Mailing List and custom script support. Please contact your reseller for details.
  • If you purchased direct online, click here for more information.

Problems with purchasing procedure

  • License, credit card or PayPal problems only.
  • Please click here for assistance.
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